Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter

PV2000 Pro Series(1KW)


  • Rated power 1KW
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Bulit-in 50A PWM or MPPT solar charge controller
  • Smart LCD setting ( frequency , charge voltage, charge current, etc)
  • 3 steps charging algorithm
  • Built in AVR function
  • Overload and short-circuit protection
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Cold start function
  • Support USB, RS232 (optional) monitoring function with free CD

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Where to Buy?



Home Solar Power Inverter

1KW Off grid solar inverter for Home Power System.


PWM Solar Charge Controller

Bulit-in 50A PWM or MPPT solar charge controller.


Pure Sine Wave

Pure sine wave output.


LCD/LED Display Information

1. 1. LCD display

LED Indicators Messages
3.Green(Line) Constant on Line input voltage normal
Flashing Line input voltage fault
4.Green(PV) Constant on PV input voltage normal
Off PV input voltage fault
5.Red(Fault) Constant on Fault mode
Flashing Battery low or overload warning

Figure Back Panel Information

1. AC output
2. AC input
3. DC input connector(battery terminal)
4. PV-photovoltaic system
5. RS232(Optional) or USB communication port


Solar System Connection

Built-in high efficiency solar controller. AC input voltage range for 140VAC-280VAC with regulated output (AVR) features, PV, AC function, A tracking feature such as power frequency. The output frequency can be set using the keys, AC /PV charging voltage, charge current, AC or PV priority mode, Battery under voltage shut-down point, and so many other functions.



MODEL PV20-1012 Pro PV20-1024 Pro
Battery Input Voltage Rating 12VDC 24VDC
Rated Power 1000W 1000W
Instantaneous Power Drawn (20ms) 3000W 3000W
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Output Voltage 230VAC(+/-10% RMS)
Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz +/-1 Hz
Inverting Efficiency (peak) >80%
Mains Mode Efficiency > 95%
Transfer Time Typical 2~6ms 10ms(max)
Input Voltage 220/230/240VAC,
Input Voltage Range 140~280VAC(For Personal Computers)
Low Pressure Shutdown 140VAC+/-5
Low Response 150VAC+/-5
High Pressure Shutdown 280VAC+/-5
High Pressure Reply 270VAC+/-5
Low Shutdown 45+/-1Hz
Low Frequency Response 46+/-1Hz
High Frequency Shutdown 65+/-1Hz
High-frequency Response 64+/-1Hz
Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz
Minimum Start Voltage Battery under voltage shut-down point +0.5V Battery under voltage shut-down point +1.0V
Low Battery Alarm Battery under voltage shut-down point +0.5V Battery under voltage shut-down point +1.0V
Low Battery Shutdown (0.1V 1 10-12.0VDC mode) User set (0.2V 1 20.0-24.0VDC mode) User set
Battery High Voltage Alarm Voltage settings are +0.5V Voltage settings are +1.0V
High Battery Voltage Recover Battery Under voltage shut-down point +0.5V Battery Under voltage shut-down point +0.5V
Float Voltage 13.5 13.6 13.7VDC to set 27.0 27.2 27.4VDC to set
Average Charge Voltage (0.1V 1 13.8~14.5V mode) User set (0.2V 1 27.6~29V mode) User set
Maximum Charge Current 30A +/-3 A High-efficiency 15A +/-3 A High-efficiency
Input Voltage Waveform Sine wave
Input Frequency 50Hzor60hz
Low Frequency Switching 45+/-1HZ MIN
High Frequency Switching 65+/-1HZ
Overload Protection 110%~125%R load fault after 30s; 125% ~150%R load fault after 3s; >150%R load fault after 500ms
Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
Bypass Circuit Breaker Insurance 10A
Maximum Current Bypass 10A
Maximum PV Charge Current 50A
Battery Voltage Auto amplitude work
Maximum PV Array Power 150W*5 solar panels 150W*10 solar panels
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 16~60VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 60Vdc
Maximum Efficiency > 95%
Standby Consumption <2W
Assembly Wall mount
Dimension (W*H*D) (mm) 301*328*132
Net Weight (Solar Charge)kg 10.25
Shipping Dimensions (mm) 395*328*190
Transport Weight KG 11.0
Working Environment 0° C~40 0~90%°C Relative humidity ( ) not dew.
Noise Less than 60db
Display LED + LCD




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